Chanel Rose Initial #72 and Rose Pétale #99 Joues Contraste Blush

Chanel Rose Initial Rose Petale Joues Contraste Blush

Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Rose Initial #72 is a bright, warm, medium pink with yellow undertones. On me the shade looks similar to MAC Dainty Mineralize Blush, but the finish of Rose Initial is more subtle. It has Chanel’s signature micro glitter, just about the right amount not to be over the top but to lift the shade so it doesn’t look flat on the skin.

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Chanel #87 Émotion Joues Contraste Blush


Émotion Joues Contraste has been released in the US about a year ago. It was  released quietly and, as far as I know, it wasn’t a part of any collection. It is still available to purchase from

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Recent Beauty Buys

Beauty haul Dolce & Gabbana Lancome Chanel Sisley

Sorry for the hiatus everyone, it was unplanned and unfortunately inevitable. I’m slowly getting back into my everyday routine and looking forward to sharing with you some of my recent buys – the ones that I absolutely love, and those that haven’t proved to be a good choice.

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Chanel Canaille #89 Joues Contraste Blush

Chanel Canaille 89 Joues Contraste Blush

Over the past few years Chanel had many beautiful blushes added to their permanent range and released some truly outstanding limited edition shades. Somewhere in the process they must have changed their baked formula slightly, as the blushes are much softer and pigmented these days. Still, I often hear how their baked blush formula is not good – I strongly disagree. I own 7 of those, and except for the one that I bought a long time ago, they are all blushes of exceptional quality. Beside great formula, another reason Chanel is the top brand for me when it comes to blushes is that the shades they come up with are always complex and unique.

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