Recent Beauty Buys

Beauty haul Dolce & Gabbana Lancome Chanel Sisley

Sorry for the hiatus everyone, it was unplanned and unfortunately inevitable. I’m slowly getting back into my everyday routine and looking forward to sharing with you some of my recent buys – the ones that I absolutely love, and those that haven’t proved to be a good choice.

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Chanel Canaille #89 Joues Contraste Blush

Chanel Canaille 89 Joues Contraste Blush

Over the past few years Chanel had many beautiful blushes added to their permanent range and released some truly outstanding limited edition shades. Somewhere in the process they must have changed their baked formula slightly, as the blushes are much softer and pigmented these days. Still, I often hear how their baked blush formula is not good – I strongly disagree. I own 7 of those, and except for the one that I bought a long time ago, they are all blushes of exceptional quality. Beside great formula, another reason Chanel is the top brand for me when it comes to blushes is that the shades they come up with are always complex and unique.

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Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet in 20 Beige

chanel perfection lumiere velvet Beige 20

The newest Chanel’s liquid foundation release has been on the counters for a while now, and it has been getting a lot of attention on beauty blogs. Perfection Lumière Velvet is a water-based foundation recommended for normal and combination to oily skin. It’s described as a lightweight, second-skin foundation with a velvety matte texture that transforms into a natural powdery matte finish and disappears onto the skin. The “smooth-effect” powders are supposed to diminish surface irregularities and instantly smooth pores.

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What I’m loving these days

Guerlain Chanel Burberry MAC

Sunny days finally arrived in London, and with it my desire to reach more often for brighter colours, bronzers and highlighters. Although I wear them all year round, I enjoy them a bit more when the sun is out as that is the time when their beauty shows the most.

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Chanel Les 4 Ombres EU eyeshadow palette vs US palette

Chanel Tisse Camelia vs US Prelude comparison swatches

I’ve been asked how the new Chanel quads recently released in the EU compare to the powder formula of the US quads – I’ve done some comparison swatches to help you see the difference. Bellow are the swatches for #202 Tissé Camélia (EU) (reviewed here) vs #33 Prelude (US). I’ve also done a comparison of the bottom two shades from the Tissé Camélia quad with the duo from the spring collection #70 Rose Majeur.

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Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow palette in # 202 Tissé Camélia

Chanel Tisse Camelia #202 eyeshadow quad

Earlier this year Chanel released eight brand new, reformulated eyeshadow quads. Inspired by the famous Chanel tweed, they feature sophisticated, easy to wear shades. The colours are available in matte, iridescent, and metallic finishes.

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Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in #45 L’Adorée (LE)

Chanel Lipstick L'Adoree

From the moment I first laid my eyes on L’Adorée lipstick (limited edition shade from Chanel’s Spring 2014 collection) I new it was a “must have”. It reminded me of Rouge Coco in Culte, but for some reason that shade looked really bad on me. And even though I knew the shade of L’Adoree would also be hard to pull off, I’ve picked it up without even swatching it on my hand.

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Chanel Ombres Contraste Eyeshadow Duo in #70 Rose Majeur

Chanel Rose Majeur eyeshadow duo

One of my favourites from Chanel’s 2014 spring collection Notes de Printemps is the eyeshadow duo in Rose Majeur. This is not a surprise as I’ve been a long time fan of their duos – the colour combinations are always great and the formula is soft and pigmented. This duo is no exception.

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Chanel Le Vernis #603 Charivari comparison swatches

Chanel Charivari Nail Polish Comparison Swatches

I’ve been asked by few of my friends how Chanel’s latest addition to the nail polish line Charivari (reviewed here) compares to the other dark shades in their collection, so here are the comparison swatches:

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