Urban Decay Roach, Rockstar and Virgin eyeshadows

UrbanDecay eyeshadows Rockstar Roach Virgin

I ventured into the world of Urban Decay eyeshadows relatively recently which, I admit, is a crime for an eyeshadow lover as I am as their eyeshadows are recognised as some of the best on the market. Faced with an extensive choice of shades and finishes in their London Covent Garden store I had a really difficult job of choosing just a few. They all swatched beautifully – I haven’t noticed any issues with pigmentation and they all felt very soft and velvety. Impressive, considering there must be over sixty shades in Urban Decay’s eyeshadow collection.

At the end I went for Roach, Rockstar and Virgin eyeshadows as I knew those are the shades I would use a lot.

UrbanDecay eyeshadows Rockstar Roach VirginUrbanDecay eyeshadows Rockstar Roach VirginUrbanDecay eyeshadows Rockstar Roach Virgin

Roach is a warm, bronzy brown with multi coloured sparkle. It has red undertone and a slightly gold, metallic finish.
Rockstar is an aubergine purple, with grey undertone and soft metallic finish.
Virgin is a soft, light, cool toned beige. It is a great nude shade with pearl finish. It’s perfect for the inner corner of the eyes and great as a highlight on lighter skin tones.
All three eyeshadows have a very smooth formula that is easy to apply and blend. They are long lasting when used over an eyeshadow primer, the colour starts fading away after 8 hours of wear.

UrbanDecay eyeshadows Rockstar Roach Virgin swatchUrbanDecay eyeshadows Rockstar Roach Virgin swatchUrbanDecay eyeshadows Rockstar Roach Virgin swatchUrbanDecay eyeshadows Rockstar Roach Virgin swatch
^ from left to right: Roach, Rockstar, Virgin

Due to the soft texture of these eyeshadows they can be a bit powdery depending on which brush you use to apply them. Not a huge minus as far as I’m concerned as they perform so well otherwise and the shades are so beautiful. I’ve been using them a lot lately and I find them well worth the money. I’ll be going back for more!

Urban Decay mono eyeshadows retail at £14/1.5g.

Liv x
Stay tuned for more reviews and swatches!
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9 thoughts on “Urban Decay Roach, Rockstar and Virgin eyeshadows”

    1. Haha eto prilike! Imaju odlicnih ljudicastih. I Rockstar olovka je sjajna. Mada od ove tri moram priznati da mi je Roach omiljena iako nije 100% moja boja, ali savrseno izgleda na ocima i prelepa je tekstura. Inace, one mogu da se izvade i da se uzme paleta (sto sam planirala da uradim) ali mi je paleta jako ruzna :( I glomazna. Pa sam odustala.

  1. Sve tri nijanse su divne. Virgin imam u okviru Naked palete, a Rockstar nijansu u onim njihovim 24/7 olovkama i to mi je jedna od najlepših boja ikada, odlična za zelene i braon oči :)

  2. All 3 of these shades are right up my alley! I don’t own any of the UD Naked palettes – I much prefer buying individual shades and creating my own custom palettes so that’s what I did with UD – these individual pans pop out of the casing and can be put into empty palettes that UD sells:

    I put Breathless, Mushroom, Smog and YDK in mine. :)

    1. Glad you like them! :) I know about the palettes, I thought of getting one but I don’t like them :( I find them chunky and I don’t like the design of it. Great selection of shades you have in yours!
      I also skipped Naked palettes, though I can’t guarantee I won’t cave at some point :D

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