Burberry Rosewood #215 & Field Rose #213 Lip Mist

Rosewood and Field Rose Lip Mist
From burberry.com: Burberry Lip Mist gives a sheer illuminating finish with a subtle hint of colour. Contains moisturising emollients and wild rose extract for long-lasting hydration and protection. The smooth and lightweight texture glides on effortlessly. Apply with the finger for a natural look, apply twice for a stronger colour.

As a lover of sheer lipstick formulas I couldn’t resist picking up these two beauties from Burberry’s Lip Mist range. Rosewood and Field Rose are permanent shades, designed to leave a subtle colour on the lips while providing the hydration. They deliver on that promise – both are very comfortable on the lips, no drying whatsoever.

Both shades on me are more pigmented than I expected from a sheer formula. I like the soft transparency that Lip Mist formula has, but on my pale lips it disappears if I apply too much. To get the airy look that I like I’m usually applying these lipsticks in just one coat. 
Rosewood and Field Rose Lip Mist
Rosewood and Field Rose Lip Mist
Rosewood #215 is a neutral red with a hint of brown in it. It’s a perfect everyday, office friendly shade. Field Rose #213 is a soft and natural looking, slightly warm beige-pink.

Swatches bellow are taken in a direct sunlight, in a daylight and in a shade.
Rosewood and Field Rose Lip Mist swatch
Rosewood and Field Rose Lip Mist swatchRosewood and Field Rose Lip Mist swatch
^ from left to right: Burberry Rosewood Lip Mist, Burberry Field Rose Lip Mist

Besides gorgeous, natural looking shades, Burberry always sweeps me off my feet with their service, their packaging and attention to detail. From the way they pack their receipts and beautiful bags with ribbons, to the actual product packaging. I admit, I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging. But it makes the whole shopping experience so much better!
Burberry packaging

Burberry Lip Mist retails at £22.50/3.5g

Liv x

8 thoughts on “Burberry Rosewood #215 & Field Rose #213 Lip Mist”

    1. Hvala Lena :) Field Rose je siguran izbor. Ali Rosewood je meni bas lepo iznenadjenje jer mi obicno ne stoje nijanse koje vuku na braon. Ne znam da li je zbog teksture ili kolicine crvenog u njemu ali jako dobro stoji. Bas lepa promena.

      1. Oh definitely. Nothing makes me more happy than the pretty boxes Charlotte Tilbury ships in..so silly!

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