Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in No.07 Taupe Brown

Burberry Taupe Brown eyeshadow

Burberry Sheer Eye Shadows are my all time favourite single eyeshadows. They simply tick all the boxes when it comes to the formula, staying power, shades and finishes. Burberry recently reformulated their mono eyeshadow range, they are now called Eye Colour Wet & Dry, and I admit – I’m a bit scared to try them as I absolutely love the old ones.

Before Burberry Sheer Eye Shadows disappear from the shelfs I would like to share with you this absolute, neutral matte taupe, winner in No.07 Taupe Brown.

Burberry Taupe Brown eyeshadow

What I love the most about this eyeshadow is the finish. Unlike all other matte formulas I’ve tried, that often tend to feel a bit dry and powdery, this one has a slightly satiny finish to it. It glides over the lids and blends effortlessly. I often find that matte eyeshadows can look patchy on the eye, that they require a bit more work and careful blending in order to be nicely applied. That is not the case with Taupe Brown, it blends perfectly for a gentle contour and it can be build up to a darker colour that is true to the pan.

The colour is a cool brown with grey undertones. Applied lightly, this is also a perfect contour shade for cool toned skin.

Burberry Taupe Brown eyeshadow swatch Burberry Taupe Brown eyeshadow swatch Burberry Taupe Brown eyeshadow swatch

I hope you can see the satiny finish I was mentioning on the above swatches.

I know the curiosity will eventually get the better of me and I will try this shade in a new formula as well. For now though, I will enjoy this little beauty. It’s the one worth stocking up.

Liv x 

2 thoughts on “Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in No.07 Taupe Brown”

    1. It really is! Check out Dark Sable eye shadow as well, I don’t think that one is available in the new formula while Taupe Brown is, both would look great on you. Dark Sable is a warmer brown. :) xx

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