Chanel Secret #625 Nail Polish

Chanel Secret 625 Nail Polish

This beautiful nude from Chanel’s 2014 Fall Collection has been my recent nail polish obsession. I’ve been wearing it constantly since I bought it ten days ago. I’m totally in love with the shade and how soft and sophisticated it looks on the nails.

Secret is a perfect mix of a very pale peach and pink. The formula could be better, but it’s not hard to work with. I need two thick coats or three thin coats for full coverage. It doesn’t apply streaky and there are no issues with tiny bubbles I sometimes experience with Chanel’s formula.

Swatches are taken in daylight, with three coats applied.

Chanel Secret 625 Nail Polish Chanel Secret 625 Nail Polish Chanel Secret 625 Nail Polish

From the same collection I also picked up Atmosphere, but that one ended up being a disappointment. It’s lovely on a direct sunlight, but in any other light condition the finish does not look anything special. The colour blends with my skin tone making the shade look unflattering on my nails. It has a nice formula, and one coat over any other nail polish is enough. If you want to use it on its own you will need two or three coats to get a nice coverage.

Below are the swatches taken in sunlight — one coat of Atmosphere over two coats of Secret.

Chanel Atmosphere 629 nail polish Chanel Atmosphere 629 nail polish

And swatch taken in shade

Chanel Atmosphere 629 nail polish

Have you tried any of the Chanel’s Fall 2014 collection? What are your favourites?


18 thoughts on “Chanel Secret #625 Nail Polish”

  1. Videh danas Secret kod Tiće i nije mi se nešto svideo, ali tebi stoji glavobolno dobro. Jesi li probala Atmosphere preko nekog tamijeg laka?

    1. Hvala Cajo. Nisam probala preko tamnijeg, nije on toper, suvise pokriva. Na swatchevima po netu mi se nije dopao preko tamnijih pa nisam ni probala. Ocekivala sam boju koja se prelama na plavo, medjutim on je sivo-zelenkast sa belicastom osnovom pa mi kao takav ide jedino preko svetlih nijansi. Zamenila sam ga danas za Orage.

  2. Prelep je secret! jedna od onih nude koje stvarno jesu must have. Lak za svaku priliku (uz pravu pastelno roze). Svidja mi se duzina noktiju, cini mi se da si malo promenila :)
    Atmosphere mi deluje kao jedna od onih boja koja umrtvi ten.

  3. Meni se i Atmosphere dopada na tvojim slikama, a i Secret ti divno stoji iako si svetla. :) Ja sam se naravno najviše pronašla u Orageu, ali mi je i Secret lepo osveženje za promenu.

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