Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in #17 Pearl Grey


Pearl Grey is a shade from Burberry’s permanent eyeshadow range. It’s a medium toned grey with a tint of blue. As the name suggests, it has a subtle pearl finish and a sheer texture.

Burberry Pearl Grey eyeshadow

I find grey eyeshadows quite demanding, as they often look unnatural on me. They have to be carefully combined with other shades to make them work, and the texture and finish have to be right. This one ticks all the boxes for me – it is effortless to apply, the texture is sheer but buildable, the finish is pearly but subtle enough (i.e. it won’t effect the colour and won’t look frosty). I most often pair it with a black eyeliner and a bit of a highlight in the inner corner of my eyes for a simple, but effective look.

Burberry Pearl Grey eyeshadow swatchBurberry Pearl Grey eyeshadow swatch


What are your thoughts on Burberry makeup?


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