Dior Vernis in #403 Palais Royal

Dior Palais Royal 403 nail polish

Palais Royal is a permanent shade from Dior’s new “gel effect” nail polish range. This line replaced the old nail polishes introducing a new formula and a new brush.

I wasn’t a fan of the old nail polishes – the brush was oddly cut and chubby making the application difficult, and the formula got goopy very fast. For this reason I avoided buying them even though I liked their shades. Formula of Palais Royal is everything I hoped the old nail polishes would be – it has great consistency, and although the first coat is thin, the second gives full coverage and it dries very fast. The brush is just perfect – rounded, easy to handle as it covers the nail in one stroke. It’s very similar to YSL and Lancome nail polish brushes.

Comparison of the nail polish brushes:

Dior old & new brush comparisonDior YSL Lancome brush comparison

Palais Royal is a beautiful medium toned grey-taupe cream, with a hint of purple. It looks very elegant and sophisticated on the nails. It’s one of those shades you can always pull off and wear in any occasion. I love that it is slightly cool toned taupe as it doesn’t go too brown/mushroomy on me (an issue I have with most taupe shades). It’s a must-have shade from Dior.

Swatches bellow are taken in natural light with two coats of nail polish and a top coat.

Dior Palais Royal 403 nail polish Dior Palais Royal 403 nail polish Dior Palais Royal 403 nail polish



18 thoughts on “Dior Vernis in #403 Palais Royal”

      1. Da da moguce. Jako mi se svidja ovaj dior, bas moja boja, takve su mi omiljene. i cini mi se da je nova cetkica mnogo bolja od stare. ne smem da se uvalim da se sad napalim i na dior lakove samo mi jos to treba haha

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