What I’m loving these days

Guerlain Chanel Burberry MAC

Sunny days finally arrived in London, and with it my desire to reach more often for brighter colours, bronzers and highlighters. Although I wear them all year round, I enjoy them a bit more when the sun is out as that is the time when their beauty shows the most.

Speaking of sun, MAC Sun Dipped is one of my all time favourite bronzers. It’s a perfect shade for pale complexions, with a perfect finish. It has a similar texture to Nars Laguna bronzer – both have subtle shimmer that gives the formula a nice glow without looking glittery on skin. And while Laguna doesn’t really work for me, Sun Dipped is my HG shade – more neutral and less yellow than Laguna with a great balance of cool brown and bronzy tones. Sun Dipped was a limited edition shade, but MAC often repromotes their products so keep an eye on the new collections – it might be realised again.

On my eyes, I’ve been mostly wearing Burberry mono eyeshadow in Rosewood. It’s a gorgeous pink taupe that is easy to pull off. It has a buttery soft formula with sheen finish and it’s my everyday go-to shade.

One of my favourite makeup brushes, Guerlain Meteorites brush, is not only great for Guerlain pearls – it’s the one I like using for baked and sheer blushes in lighter shades. It picks up those kind of products perfectly and blends with ease. If you have trouble with the lighter shades showing up on your cheeks then try this brush. I love using it with Chanel Ecrin Rose, Chanel Espiegle and the old Dior blushes (now discontinued). Lately I’ve been using it to apply Chanel Joues Contraste blush in Discretion — it picks up the sheer formula and iridescent micro shimmer of this blush beautifully.

Discretion is a soft pink shade, it’s one of the rare pink shades that doesn’t go warm on me when applied. It’s beautiful, natural looking blush. I like pairing it with Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Bonheur, a fuchsia with a subtle micro-glitter, on my lips. Effortless to apply, Bonheur brightens up the face and compliments the cool shades of the rest of my makeup.

And finally, as a finish I’ve been mostly using Guerlain Cruel Gardenia Meteorites, one of the most beautiful highlighters ever released. It has been a limited edition product but, if you are traveling and find yourself on an airport, you might be able to find sets containing Gardenia and Meteorites brush in a Duty Free shop. This is how I got my hands on it. Gardenia has a cool pink finish that I love pairing with pink or mauve blushes as it helps to keep them on the cooler side of the spectrum.


8 thoughts on “What I’m loving these days”

    1. It truly is, I’m lucky I found it long after it was sold out in stores. I hope they will release it again at some point, or at least release a similar highlighter as I don’t think there’s anything similar to it on the market at the moment. xx

  1. Ljubomorna sam na gardeniu krivo mi je sto sam je propustila. bilo je price vratice se kao permanent u usa i za sad nista od toga :( Sun dipped i ja cesto koristim i odlican je ali mislim da nece biti repromoted ove godine bar ne u toku letnje kolekcije – samo spec pakovanje golden i refined golden i dva nova extra dimension bronzera – nisam neki fan te formule. Bonheur mi je na wishlisti super dugo – mislim da bi mi odgovarao?

    1. Gardenia je stvarno fenomenalan proizvod, ako ikad naletim negde na nju uzimam ti. Moju sam uzela krajem prosle godine na nekom od putovanja. Ako ti neko negde ide ili dolazi, zamoli da pogledaju u free shopovima, mozda je ostao koji set.
      Bonheur ce tebi mozda biti hladan, ne znam da li nosis takve boje? Ciklama je, lepo pigmentovan, tamniji od standardnih RCS. Ja ga volim, bas laska mom tenu ali nemam ideju kakav bi bio na toplom.

      1. Ja se sve nadam pojavice se gardenia ali ako je spazis na Heathrow uzmi mi je molim te. Hm sad si me bas zbunila oko boje. Ja sam imala onaj sempl od 4 nijanse i Bonheur me je odusevila jeste malkice tamniji ali u tankom sloju mi je bio kao malo crvenija boja mojih usana. Mozda ipak nije za mene?

      2. Da Bonheur je u tom semplicu. Na meni nije ni malo crven, bas ciklama ali prigusena pa je jako nosiv, ne dreci pink. Jedino ako nije do tena, sto je vrlo moguce, pa da na tebi ispadne crveniji.

        Javljam ako uspem da nadjem GCM.

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