Butter London Nail Lacquer in Macbeth

Butter London Macbeth Nail Polish

Macbeth is one of my first Butter London nail polishes. It’s the one I truly enjoy having on my nails and, being through half a bottle, the one I will gladly purchase again.

It’s a perfect summer shade – coral with pink undertones. Certain corals can be washed out and lightened, but this is not the case with Macbeth — it’s bright and happy! It is described as orange-y-coral by Butter London, but I can’t see any orange tones in it.

The formula is great, it has good consistency – not too thick or runny. Two coats are enough for full coverage. It dries fairly quickly, but I still like to use Butter London Hardware P.D. Quick Top Coat on top of it to give it extra shine.

The shade closest to Macbeth I know of is the Dior Lucky – very similar shade, but a bit calmer and muted.

Butter London Macbeth Nail Polish

Butter London Macbeth Nail Polish swatch

Butter London Macbeth Nail Polish swatch

Butter London Macbeth Nail Polish swatch

Butter London nail polish comes in 11ml bottle and retails for £12. Butter London nail polishes does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP.


17 thoughts on “Butter London Nail Lacquer in Macbeth”

    1. Thanks Liz! I love this one. I probably say that for all of them, but this one truly has a special place in my nail polish obsessed heart!

  1. Na tebi je divan. To mi je bio prvi BL. zavrsio u kanti :D na meni uopste nije izgledao ovako i bio je ocajan bez top coat, secam se nije mi valjao nista. mozda mi se tad nisu svidjale ovakve nijanse ko zna?

    1. Secam se toga, ccc :))) Oni su manjali formulu, sem jednog koji je jelly stvarno ne mogu da se pozalim ni na jedan. Macbeth nije jednoslojac, slican kao OPI Dutch Tulips recimo po formuli. Nema sanse da ti se ne bi svidela boja kad volish Dior Lucky! x

      1. Nije njemu nesto formula bila losa vec je nekako bio… “flat” to je najbolji opis. Onako meh. Da neamam pojma sta mi je bilo sa mozgom da mi se nije dopala ta boja.

    1. That’s so sweet, thank you!! ♥ I’m not 100% sure how it works, but I’ll refer to your blog to find out more about the rules. :)

      You should try Butter London, they are improving their formula with every collection and have very unique shades!

  2. Fantastičan je Liv, i sjajno ti stoji. :) Ovi Baterčići su mi baš primamljivi, malo malo pa opet uđem u post sa Giddy Kipperom. <3

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