Recent Beauty Buys

Beauty haul Burberry Aesop Aromatherapy Associates

Lately I’ve been trying to cut my spending on beauty products – I already have so many that I enjoy (and eventually share on this blog), but I couldn’t say no to the following few.

I’ve been wanting to try Aesop products for a while. I chose Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque which has been getting a lot of love from beauty blogs, and Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream which was recommended to me in their store. I’ve also got quite a few Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque samples, you can expect a review of that masque soon as well.

Burberry #200 Steel Grey nail polish and #17 Pearl Grey eyeshadow are the newest editions to my Burberry collection. I’m a huge fan of their mono eyeshadows, while when it comes to the nail polishes I have a bit of an issue with the brush, but I still love them!

Next to the Aesop, Aromatherapy Associates is also a newbie in my stack. De-Stress Massage & Body Oil is a mix of oils including arnica, lavender, rosemary, ginger and it is supposed to be anti-inflammatory, help circulation, sooth muscles and, as the name suggest, de-stress!


11 thoughts on “Recent Beauty Buys”

    1. I’ve only used it 2-3 times so far, the lavender scent is quite strong which I like as it help’s me relax in the evening (I had a few intense weeks at work!). And I think it helps the bruise I got recently on my leg heal much faster. It usually takes ages but now, after only few days, it’s almost gone! I also find it pleasant to use, you will not need much as it is on a runny side. I guess so far so good! x

      1. It is lovely and pricey (£41) better give it a try first, at least to make sure you like the scent. Or, if you are not in a hurry, wait till I test it properly. I’ll write a review in a week or two! xx

    1. I’ve used it once, it’ good! I was afraid it will be too drying for my dehydrated skin (I find that most of the clay based mask are) but this one is OK.
      The greys are lovely, I already fell in love with the nail polish. Thanks for stoping by Liz x

  1. Upravo sam naišla na tvoj blog :) Divan je, odlične fotke, jasne i sažete recenzije i sad se bacam na proučavanje. Aesop mi je već dugo na listi, tako da jedva čekam recenzije budući da se na našim blogovima rijetko piše o njima :)

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