Illamasqua Blush in Ambition

Illamasqua blush Ambition

As you might have guessed from the blog’s name, I have a thing for blushes. Illamasqua Ambition is guilty for that obsession. It’s the first blush I really fell in love with, the one that made such a difference when applied to my ghostly skin.

Described as a neutral pink, Ambition is a soft, medium pink with a hint of plum and mauve and with a gold shimmer. The shimmer is sparse and obvious in the pan, but it doesn’t translate too much on the cheeks. It gives a nice glow, it doesn’t migrate and although it looks a bit scary in the pan it’s not too glittery when applied.

Illamasqua blush Ambition 4

Illamasqua blush Ambition swatch

When it comes to pigmentation and staying power, Illamasqua blushes are the best I came across. The formula is very pigmented and soft, a light hand is a must. The texture of Illamasqua shimmer blushes is not as smooth as their matte blushes and it can get dusty in the pan. I use the softest brush I own (Real Techniques blush brush) to avoid crumbling.

Illamasqua blush Ambition swatch

I own quite a few mauve-pink blushes as those are my favourite shades. Most similar to Ambition is MAC Plum Foolery which is also a shimmer blush but with a warmer, slightly red undertones.

Illamasqua Ambition vs MAC Plum Foolery

Illamasqua Ambition vs MAC Plum Foolery

Illamasqua Ambition vs MAC Plum Foolery

From left to right: Illamasqua Ambition, MAC Plum Foolery

Illamasqua blushes retail for £18/4.5gr


6 thoughts on “Illamasqua Blush in Ambition”

  1. Jedno od retkih koje sam potrošila, tačnije mama i ja smo ga doslovce ubile :)
    Vidiš mogla bih PF da isprobam, uvek sam podeljenog mišljena o tom rumenilu :)

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