Rituals Sakura Body Scrub

Rituals Sakura Sugar Body Scrub

I don’t have much experience when it comes to Rituals products, but I’ve been wanting  to try their scrubs for ages. Recently I bought a Sakura Scrub, but after using it a several times I’m left underwhelmed by it.

Rituals Sakura Scrub is developed for dry skin. It’s a combination of organic sugar and oils. Among the ingredients are moisturising sweet almond and macadamia oil, safflower seed oil (which has soothing and antioxidant properties), rice milk with soothing properties and avocado oil to regenerate the skin. It has a lovely and relaxing scent (with a hint of sweetness) that comes from the Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Rituals Sakura Sugar Body Scrub

While ingredients and the scent are great, I have an issue with the texture. It’s dry, as there’s not enough oil mixed with it to keep it compact. This makes the application a bit tricky, as it can end up all over the bath tub. Normally, sugar scrubs are gentle, but Rituals Sakura is quite harsh against my dry and sensitive skin. I have to be very careful how I apply it to avoid getting my skin irritated. I found a way around it by rubbing it between my palms for a minute before applying it to the skin. That way the sugar grains will have started to melt by the time I apply it to the skin, while I still get a great exfoliation without irritation.

Rituals Sakura Sugar Body Scrub

Rituals Sakura Sugar Body Scrub

Thanks to the oils the skin is very soft and nourished and I don’t feel a need for a moisturiser afterwards. However, my experience with using the texture of this scrub leaves a lot to be desired, and in the end I will not be buying this product again.

£16, 200gr


3 thoughts on “Rituals Sakura Body Scrub”

  1. Have you tried the body scrubs from 100% Pure? They are all natural with AMAZING scents AND they are rather moisturizing! I haven’t tried the one in your review so I can’t compare, but I have a pretty large collection of body scrubs and find that the 100% Pure one of my most moisturizing ones :)

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