Chanel Nail Polish in #603 Charivari

Chanel Charivari Nail Polish

Chanel Le Vernis in #603 Charivari is a shade from the Spring 2014 collection that has been added to Chanel’s permanent nail polish range.

Charivari (a medley of discordant sounds!) has a cream formula without any shimmer that applies beautifully. Two coats are enough for full coverage. The colour is darker than I expected it to be, darker than it appears in the bottle. It’s a very muted mauve, with a subtle grey-brown tint. Its beauty is best seen outdoors on a sunny day. Indoors and under artificial light the shade appears much darker and the pretty purple tint disappears.

Chanel Charivari Nail Polish Swatch

The colour of Charivari is quite unique. It reminded me of Essie Smokin’ Hot at first, but the latter is a cooler and lighter shade, with a stronger blue tint.

Chanel Charivari Nail Polish Swatch

£18, 13ml

You can see the comparison swatches here.

What do you think of Chanel nail polishes? Have you tried them, do you have a favourite shade?


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