MAC Lavish Living Mineralize Blush

MAC Lavish Living Mineralize Blush

Official description: violet with silver pearl base with gold pearl (satin).

Released as a part of the Divine Night Collection, Lavish Living is a gorgeous plummy purple with a hint of brown and grey packed with silver glitter (I don’t see any gold in it!) that gives it a frost pearl like finish. In artificial light it has a beautiful multicolour micro glitter.

On my NW15/20 skin it looks quite mauve, not pink and not red at all. It applies beautifully – it’s very easy to blend and build up, although this is were you need to be careful as it might start looking moody if you overdo it.

MAC Lavish Living Mineralize Blush Swatch

I was excited to get my hands on it as I don’t remember seeing anything similar before, and I’ve been looking for a long time for a purple blush that will not go red or pink on my skin. But, unfortunately, this blush literally has no staying power on me! After an hour of application it’s very faded and after two hours there was only chunky glitter left – glitter that does not look flattering. I’ve tested it several times, with and without a primer, I’ve tried setting it with pressed powder and Guerlain pearls – the result was always the same, hardly any colour left after 2 hours. I’ve never experienced this before, my skin is dry and everything sticks. I would still recommend you try it out at your local counter and test the longevity on your own skin as this colour and finish is not something you see often!

MAC Lavish Living Mineralize Blush Swatch

MAC Lavish Living Mineralize Blush Swatch

Overall, I love the colour but the formula with its short staying power does not do it justice.

RRP £22 for 6g/0.21 oz

7 thoughts on “MAC Lavish Living Mineralize Blush”

  1. boja je izuzetna i bas je posebna. preskocila sam rumenila iz ove kolekcije jer kad sam ih pipkala znatno su losija bila kvalitetom od njihovih standardnih mineralnih rumenila. mozda je zato slaba postojanost jer su nekako sva suva i praskasta pa se mozda razleti sa koze?

    1. Moguce, primetila sam to i ja narocito kod onih svetlijih nijansi. Ali ovom nisam mogla da odolim, nije ni blizu drugim rumenilima po boji. Koristim ga, ali moram nekoliko puta u toku dana da dodam jer ostane samo gliter.

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