Burberry Nail Polish in #303 Oxblood and #104 Stone

Burberry Nail Polish in Oxblood and Stone

From burberry.com: Formulated with patent-pending technology, Burberry Nail Polish has a protective and long-lasting high-gloss finish with accelerated drying and hardening times. The formula contains strengthening and moisturising elements, including anti-oxidant pro-vitamin B5 and myrrh extract, to help protect and care for nails and prevent breakages. Effortless application is guaranteed with a high-precision rounded-end brush design. A two-coat application dries in under 2 minutes and is completely hard within 6.5 minutes.”

Burberry Nail Polish in Oxblood Brush

As most of you probably know, last Autumn Burberry introduced a nail polish collection into their beauty line. I immediately grabbed an Oxblood #303 and a Stone #104 to try out the formula. As promised, the polishes do indeed dry very quickly – there is no need for a fast drying top coat with these. However, I find that I do need a top coat for shine and to even out the application, as I have some issues with the brush. It’s wide, flat, and the bristles are a bit thick; meaning that the application can be streaky, especially when applying the lighter shade. Compared to the other HE nail polishes there is room for improvement – bellow are OPI, Burberry, Dior and YSL brushes for comparison.

HE Dior YSL Burberry OPI Nail Polish Brushes Comparison

That being said, I do love them and have a few additional shades on my wish list. I realised I reach for them quite often, especially when I’m in a hurry, as they dry so fast! The formula is just right – it’s not too thick, and two thin coats are enough for full coverage.

Burberry Nail Polish in Oxblood Swatch

Burberry Nail Polish in Oxblood Swatch

Oxblood is a neutral dark red. It has a tint of pink in a bottle but it’s not noticeable on the nails. It’s a beautiful vampy shade, I was sure I would have something very similar in my collection, as this is “my kind of colour”, but to my surprise I couldn’t find anything close to it. Chanel Lotus Rouge is lighter, while OPI Mrs O’Leary’s BBQ is darker and less red.

Burberry Nail Polish in Stone Swatch

Burberry Nail Polish in Stone Swatch

Stone is a greyed out beige, one of those tricky shades to pull out on fair skin, but I love how it looks on me. It’s not a typical nude but still very elegant and chic.

Burberry nail polish – 8ml, £15.

5 thoughts on “Burberry Nail Polish in #303 Oxblood and #104 Stone”

  1. Once again, your blog is great :)
    I like both shades, especially Oxblood, it’s perfect colour and as you have already said it’s hard to find anything close to this colour.

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